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We create Animatronics, Puppets, Props and Special makeup FX for Film ,television,  stage and live shows.

Looking for a supplyer of Effects that can holds a high international standard?

You have come to the right Place!



This is where we bring your designs and ides in to life. It can be with traditional sculpting in clay or CNC milled/3D printed or a mix, depending on the approach taken during conceptual design.

FIXAS was founded in 2006 as a propshop, we have then evolved over the years to one of scandinavia's biggest supplier of creature and special effects for Film, TV, Themeparks and commercials.

We work with a network of freelance to ensure the best possible  team for  the specific project we have been trusted with. we also have a long history of working close with post production houses to make sure that the product looks as good as it can, all the way through production and with the access to our own little green screen studio we can also help out with shooting elements, puppets and miniatures during post production.

Except the artistic and technical skills we offer in our workshop we also work onset with animatronic/prop maintenance, special makeup and puppetering.

Do you have a project underway that require some form of specialized manufacturing, special effects or concept design?
contact us.


Expect working for clients like: Volvo, WWF, Netto, Ica, Coca Cola, Mercedes , mediamarkt, comviq, Tools, AXE, Loka.. we also have been
involved with making effects and characters for films like the selection below:

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